Improve your relationship on your own time and in your own home, for a fraction of the cost of in-person sessions.

People spend thousands of dollars to work with renowned marriage coach Renee Gilroy. Get her most fundamental insights and strategies for improving your marriage in this three-part series -- for just $59!

Benefits of The Marriage Workshop: Renovation

  • Convenient and affordable; start improving your marriage today
  •  A great first step for those who want to improve their relationship but aren't ready for (or don't need) in-person therapy
  •  Education, insights and strategy from a leading marriage coach who has learned from unique personal and professional experience
  •  Over $400 worth of sessions packed into a $59 course

What you'll learn:

  • Understanding

    What makes you tick? What motivates your spouse? How do you feel loved? What patterns have developed and why? Understanding is the key to intimacy.

  • Communication

    Communication - whether it's what we say or do - is the key to trust and stability in a relationship. Learn how to express yourself and hear what your spouse is really saying.

  • Anchoring Each Other

    Learn how to lean in, trust each other, celebrate your differences, positively influence each other and have confidence that your spouse has your best interest at heart

  • Reigniting Passion

    When trust, understanding and communication are solid, your differences become exciting, presence and playfulness return, and intimacy is reignited.

What You'll Get

  • Downloadable course materials
  •  Three 45-minute course sessions that highlight core relationship fundamentals, offer unique insights into personality and relationship dynamics, and provide the successful change strategies I've developed through working with hundreds of couples
  •  Exercises and weekly homework assignments that keep you engaged in the process
  •  The education, information, insights and strategies from a marriage coach who has proven these methodologies both personally and professionally


Three sessions with Renee would cost $400. Get this information-packed and transformational course for only $59!

A Message From Renee:

I became a Strategic Interventionist specializing in marriage coaching after going through the most difficult time of my life. My husband and I had gone through a very difficult time, didn’t know how to repair the marriage, and ultimately got divorced. After the divorce, we were miserable without each other, so we finally committed to doing the work – the real work – on our relationship. What we discovered was that the love was always there, we just didn’t know how to communicate and fulfill each other’s needs. Through relationship coaching, we found a level of love and trust and happiness that we hadn’t even dreamed of – and are now happily remarried (yes, really!).

When I work with couples, I offer first-person perspective. I am brutally honest and I don't sugar coat the heartache of divorce. I'm open about what I've learned about myself and what I've learned about marriage. I am proud that my husband and I are a testament to what communication, understanding and compassion can do for a marriage. And I believe fiercely in the notion that working through difficult times can create a level of love and satisfaction that few couples ever experience.

I'm thrilled to now make my insights and strategies to more widely available to those couples who either aren't local, aren't ready for in-person sessions, or need a more affordable option. I hope you'll join me. 

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